Game Organization


Every three months, the game's season changes. Each season is defined by the following identity elements:

Setting: A vague or specific location of critical importance to the current season events and Stories. Not all Scenes or Stories must related directly or even happen in this given location; nonetheless, characters, events, traditions and sites will be explored during the Season and have the spotlight upon them. 

Theme: A Season's theme determines the set "goal" of every major arc within, a vague descriptor of the driving force of most Stories, characters, societies and powers. This helps players coordinate with each other and have a clear idea of how the Stories of the Season can be expected to play out.

Mood: If the Theme establishes an aim, Mood establishes the tone during most of the Stories, and the dominant emotional status. Once again, not every single and character and Story have to fold with the dominant Mood, but that should be an indicator of what to be expected.

Conflict: Last but not least, is the Conflict that ties drives the major Season Story; two ideas that will fight each other through the Season and whose counterpoints will drive most of the dramatic actions.



Game Organization

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